The flex disc holder


If you have ever tried to use a flexible reflector outdoor, then you know what a challenge that could be, especially under windy conditions, even a gentle breeze can be a problem. I tried every one of those disc holders available on the market but none of them work very well and most of the time an extra pair of hands is needed just to hold the reflector. This is why for years I’ve been designing and testing my own holders.


It took many trial-and-errors to come up with something that works and its easy to use.




The Flex Disc holder consists of a collapsible aluminum frame made to hold 32” reflectors and mounted on any light stand. It only takes second to set it up.





There’s nothing clamping down the reflector. The disc simply snaps into place between the frame and four holding rods. The natural spring action of the disc holds it firmly in place.



Now for the best part




The extra hand

For easy adjustment, especially when you have to work as a “one man band”, a modified grip action ballhead allows single hand adjustment in any direction without even having to put the camera down.


Patent pending