On any major motion picture, you will very seldom see the camera still. On most shots the camera moves with the subject or the move is made to add depth and dimension to the scene. The same goes for video and television productions. Properly done, dolly shots add that professional and expensive look, often unavailable to low or moderate budget productions. Renting a dolly is not only expensive, but because of its large size, it is almost impossible to take on location. Once again, necessity is the mother of creation.

I took an available tripod dolly and
modified it to also be used on tracks.

The tripod dolly can be switched in seconds
from standard casters... gliding wheels that will fit any track or
any 1" to 2" PVC or aluminum pipe.

It also includes a small foot platform for
the camera operator to stand on.

Compared to compact dollies costing thousands of dollars, this modified dolly at $480.00 plus $10.00 shipping will be the best addition to your gear.   Guaranteed it will impress your clients.

Compact when folded...

...take it with you around the corner or around the world.  Once on location, just buy inexpensive PVC pipes and once the assignment is completed, return them to the store or just leave them behind.